Coffee heaven

cortadoI don’t think there are enough words to explain how great it is to be able to order coffee the way I like it without having to go through lengthy explanations of how I want it done. In France, all I had to do is ask for a café noisette and here in Spain I ask for a cortado (or tallat in Catalan). No eyebrows get raised and back they come with exactly what I wanted: a long espresso with a bit of hot milk. In Toronto I always have to explain that I want an espresso with a bit of hot milk. “You mean, a latte?” In North America, a latte is usually a short espresso with at least a cup of hot milk added to it making it more of a coffee-flavoured milk than a real coffee. So I have to say, “No, it’s not a latte. It’s an espresso, made in an espresso cup, with hot milk to the top”. In some places I can make myself understood by saying it’s a macchiato with more milk than foam. It’s always a struggle. But for the next month, I don’t have to worry about it. All I say is “un cortado, por favor/ un tallat si us plau”.

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2 Responses to Coffee heaven

  1. jeanne says:

    Graças a você eu aprendi a pedir meu “latte” por aqui porque gosto justamente do contrário: pouco café e muito leite.
    Quando for a Brasil não deixe de experimentar o café da Kopenhagen. Pra mim eles têm o melhor café com leite do mundo.

  2. elmo says:

    oi alex. que inveja de vc estar em bcn. Sabia que meu maior arrependimento foi não ter tomado um tallat com vcs naquele primeiro dia em que nos conhecemos? Vocês pediram e eu não… teria sido tão bom…


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